Body Butter

Body butter is a type of skin moisturizer used by many for dry skin.

Be Squared Body Butter by Alicia

Body butter is a type of skin moisturizer used by many for dry skin. It is heavier than creams and lotions, as it has less water in it. Due to the fact that it is made from nutrient-rich ingredients, body butter is used to hydrate and protect the skin. Most body butters use a seed or nut oil as their base ingredient to produce the most hydrating formula possible.


Shea butter, created from Shea nuts, has high levels of vitamins A, E and F. These vitamins help to keep the skin moisturized and clear, plus they help to protect and rejuvenate the skin. Shea body butter can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and is beneficial for many skin complaints, including sun-damaged skin and some skin conditions, such as eczema.

There are many different benefits to using body butter, when compared to creams and lotions. Natural body butter is made using only natural ingredients, which are better for your skin and your body in general. It contains a higher level of emollients, which are absorbed into the skin and keep it moisturized. Body butter forms a protective layer over the skin, helping reduce the effects of the sun and hot and cold air. Many find that their skin is much softer and less prone to cracking or becoming inflamed when they use body butter.

Whipped body butter is a skin care product that has a consistency and texture that is similar to that of cake frosting or of whipped butter. Whipped body butter is often considered to be a more luxurious product than regular body lotion or moisturizer. Whipped body butter is mixed with other vitamins, minerals and proprietary ingredients. Some of the most common whipped body butters contain a base derived from the cocoa bean or the fruit of the shea tree. The seeds or nuts of these plants are processed to extract the natural oils from them to form the base of the whipped body butter product.

Whipped body butter is different from a conventional body lotion or moisturizer in that it has a thicker consistency than regular lotion. Our whipped body butters does not contain water and it is the absence of water that gives some body butters its thick consistency and enables it to evaporate more slowly than regular moisturizing lotions. This forms a protective barrier on the skin, which in turn helps skin retain moisture for a longer period of time than is typically possible with a conventional lotion or moisturizer. We add a mixture of Castor, Olive, and Grape Seed oil to our products because of the vitamin and mineral complexes that are nursing to the skin.

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Body butter is also typically dispensed differently than regular moisturizers. While many moisturizers are dispensed through a squeeze bottle or a pump-style bottle, many whipped body butters are packaged in a jar with the user simply scooping the product out with their hands. Unlike regular lotions and moisturizers, the high fat or oil content of many whipped body butters can make it susceptible to melting or losing its thick consistency when stored in warmer temperatures. Fortunately, this can generally be remedied by placing the whipped body butter in the refrigerator for a few hours. While body butter’s susceptibility to melting at warmer temperatures can be an issue while being stored; it is one feature that many users love about the product when it is applied to the skin.

Please to don’t store me in your bathroom, it will cause me to melt and over time spoil.
Our B² Body butters come in the following scents:
Triple Mint Blend,  Lavender Garden, Anxiety Release,  Eczema Blend, & Unscented

Why Us?

Here at Mama A’s we take our body care products seriously. We began making them initially to help our family’s skin ailments. Now we are ready to share the products that have helped with our babies’ sensitive skin.

We are committed to creating the safest bath essentials that are chemical-free. You will find no SLS, parabens, dyes or any petroleum derivatives in any of our products.